Small Flat Blue Paint Brush

Small Flat Blue Paint Brush

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Annie Sloan’s Flat Brushes feature advanced synthetic fibers, which help to produce a smooth, contemporary finish.  The brushes are designed to take a large amount of paint and to apply the paint evenly, minimizing brush marks.

Flat Brushes are ideal for color washes and applying lacquer.

Small - 23cm x 3cm

- Wet Wax — Wash in very warm water with grease-cutting soap.
- Dried Wax— Soak bristles in very warm water and grease-cutting soap for five to ten minutes to help dissolve the wax. Then wash thoroughly with warm water and grease-cutting soap.
*Harsh detergents may shorten the life of the natural bristles.
- Air dry, hanging the bristle end down to avoid rust and glue deterioration.

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